Renting a villa is safer!

Where to spend your holidays wit
h COVID? In a campsite, a hotel, a holiday ho
me? Or in an independent villa?

Colorado Provença
l, 12 min from our Holiday Villas

The first risk of contamination is population density. De
spite the barrier gestures, it is difficult to reach risk 0.

With the release of deconfinement, everyone dreams of fresh air and space.

Book your stay now, in St Saturnin-les Apt (near Marseille / Aix-en-Provence). With our very
large villas, Barbane des Bois and Grande Bastide, you will enjoy freely and serenely: from the great outd
oors, from the
countryside, from
a large private and enclosed lot
to a private pool heated by heat pump since the beginning of April

La Grande Bastide
900€ – 2100€ /semaine
8/10 personnes

La Barbane des Bois
1000€ – 2300€ /semaine
8/10 personnes

Why book your holiday in a villa

At the beginning of this COVID 19 crisis, the first returnees were quarantined in holiday centres (Branville in Normandy, Carry-le-Rouet near Marseille…) Current
ly, hotels are likely to be requisitioned for quarantine of people tested positive at COVID-19Sources: https://www.gouvern

This shows that, as it stands, in any way, it is better to rent a detached holiday home to schedule a holiday or a WE in the open air.

Our holiday homes meet this need to find a rental without the risks of a campsite, a hotel, or even a holiday home. These vil
las have a huge additional asset: space!4 bedroo
ms, a vast living space. But
also, and above all, a very large private lot, with private pool.
Quick access to outdoor activities: hiking, mountain biking, cycling…

St Saturnin Lès Apt
Village Medieval in Provence

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